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Re-Marketing Flywheel Technique – The Big Brand Approach to Remarketing

I call this the re-marketing flywheel strategy, its a strategy where frequency and variance are key,

Why a flywheel I hear you ask. well this is a flywheel and its the only thing i could think of that fit the purpose of a analogy ūüôā



The flywheel itself is your re-marketing campaign, each ad or content type is a tooth in the wheel. The aim is  you try each tooth of the wheel until you find the tooth that converts the user.

People get tired of the same offer/product/ad, they may have different reasons for not converting. Some may not like the price, others may not understand the product, others may not trust you etc.

To combat this start to think about what users ask when they speak to you, think about their pain points what do they need to hear to convert? Start writing them down.

Also think about which channels you can utilise to get you message out there. Mix this with products you sell and you should have something like below.

Ad Types : Image ad, dynamic Re-marketing ad, video ad, text ad
Products: 1,2,3,4
Channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Display, Email, Direct Mail
Content: Frequently asked questions, New innovations, Product Review, Customer Testimonial, Sales letter, etc. Email, whitepaper with splinters, discount, blogs, info-graphics  etc

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