Marketing Bag Of Tricks


Situation Solution
Low Traffic SEO – SEO, Content, Link Building Campaign to be visible for terms that potential customers will type in to find products, services, educational material and anything closely related to your business.

Adwords –  The opportunity of buying positions for every keyword your potential customer can type in. As long as the keywords deliver ROI this is dictated by how much you are willing to pay for a customer.

Display Advertising – Banner Advertising on websites across the internet. Can be powerful when targeting audiences or affinities. The difference between this and SEO is you are moving to the audience rather than the audience moving to you.

Facebook Advertising – Website Click Facebook Advertising. Very powerful way to get your messages and products in front of relevant audiences.

Twitter Advertising – Get Leads, Website Clicks

Native Content Advertising – Getting content placed in sites, good for wide audience products ( financial, Fitness, Cars)

Remarketing –  Facebook, Twitter, Display Network

Existing Email Marketing – If currently not, emailing internal email lists on a regular basis.

Affiliate Marketing – Use Affiliate Marketers t drive traffic or leads.

Email List Drops/ Newsletter – Paying for Emails to be sent to other peoples email lists/ Sponsoring Newsletters.

Sponsorships – Sponsoring competitions, Newsletters, Websites etc

Social Channel Drops – Find relevant highly engaged social media accounts, in your market and parallel markets. Pay to tweet or promote your offer/products.

Audience identification – Lead Magnets, Direct Mail, Touchpoint strategy

No Brand Branding – What are your values, your voice, your audience, what do you stand for, what’s your opinion, what are your causes, Who are you.

Authority Blogging – Engaging your Demographic, Educating your Demographic Giving Value

Video – Youtube. Facebook, Internal List

Engagement Ads – Ads that engage with your audience, Games, Snowfall, Visualisation, Competitions

Display Advertising – Have a sustained presence where your audience visits online. Websites, Newsletter Lists, Video Channels, Blogs, Forums.

PR – PR and Interview Campaign

TV/Radio – TV Campaign, Radio Campaign

Direct Mail – Great for hyper targeting potential customers, Educating, Giving Value, Cementing relationships.

Native Advertising – Having sustained opinion pieces and content on websites where your audience reside.

Facebook Authority – Targeting and Audience online and Engaging, Sharing Knowledge, Give Value to Audience

Outreach – Get Guest Blogs, Interviews, Speaking Slots, Giveaways, Stories in Trade Magazines, Infographics on Topics.

Banner Advertising – Having a presence on sites where your audience reside.

List Building – Authority Blogging, Educating , Giving Value, creating a bond.

Remarketing –  Facebook , Twitter, Display Network, Youtube

Email List Drops/ Newsletter – Paying for Emails to be sent to other peoples email lists/ Sponsoring Newsletters.

Low Conversion Copy Tweaks – Tweaking Copy, Landing Page, Flow can increase conversion

Target market Shift – e.g if you are targeting all football fans you could shift the target to target liverpool fans under 30.

Follow Up Strategies – If you are converting for example 1% of your opt ins, you can create a follow-up system to give follow up messages to a sales page.

Bonus Stacking – Stacking up bonuses/ offers until the value of the bonuses gets too high the users have to buy due to the internal pressure buildup

Pricing Tweaks – Change pricing could increase profits.

Time Deadlines –  Create offers with a deadline, this offers ends in 48 hours with reminders etc.  

Offer Strategies – Pricing changes etc can shift the conversion rate quickly

Conversion Rate Optimisation – Qualaroo

, Heat Mapping, A/B Testing, Device Testing etc

Second Bite – Exit Popups, cart abandonment

Small Margin One Click Upsell – What happens immediately after they buy is there an upsell, down sell

Price Elasticity – What if you were to double your margin and the conversion stays the same, this works more often than it doesn’t. Payment options, down sells etc. Continuity etc

Pre Transaction Upsell – Would you like a deluxe version for £7 would you like gift wrapping for £5, would you like another product for discount?

Back End Sequencing – getting buyers and not making enough money? use 12 part follow up series to upsell

Lower Click Cost – Lower Click Cost

Low Cash Flow One off Promos – Send Promotion and follow up series to the customer list.Comp to cash – Create a competition, follow on with offers and email series to sell product. 

Flash Sale – Sell old stock to customers, use email series based on scarcity and make money on upsell etc.

Events – Events gives you chance to add scarcity

Buyer Competition – E.g one buy will get x

Programmed Scarcity offer – Follow Up with Scarcity offer automatically

Customer Reactivation – Find customers that haven’t bought for awhile and figure out a way to get them reactivated and ready to buy something, email newsletter coupon for being a long term customer.

Product Launch – new Product Launch, create new product email existing database.

Offer – Ask people to buy from you again

Remarket to pixel – If remarketing isn’t enabled remarket to people that have visited the website. Segment into people who have engaged longer than 40 seconds, 10 days, 30 days, multiple visits, 60 days 120 days and compare.

Remarket to email database – use the email list to remarket to, also create similar lists based on existing customer list.